Brand Build - How To Build A Strong Brand

 Brand Build - How To Build A Strong Brand

 Brand Build   

This course is about how to build a strong brand first let's start by looking at what is a brand and a brand is something that's intangible it's it's an intangible asset that you can't really put your finger on you can't give a piece of your brand to someone else and the reason that happens is because the brand is an idea it's also trust a brand helps you establish credibility and a brand creates a market so let's kind of look at what I mean by all of this to create a brand you've got to be focused you've got to have a message that is clear and resonates with people and I like Seth Godin's definition of this know kind of paraphrasing what he said about it Seth said that a brand is the memories it's the stories and it's the experiences that customers have with you so it's it's an overall experience he also says that a brand is the ability for someone to choose you over someone else it's the ability for someone to reach into their wallet and give you money versus giving someone else money the way that happens is with time it's with the amount of information you put out that is consistent with your core message.
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It's the products you put out which again is just delivery vehicles of your message it's the consulting that you do which is another delivery vehicle for your message it's the kind of people you partner with all of this falls under this umbrella of your core or focused message and that builds this brand so how do you build the brand you build it by staying aligned to some core message that your business is about it's basically why you you built the business and you probably hear it a lot whenever you start a business you need to be focused and not broad and that's that very true for having a high probability of success the more focus you can be the more you can construct what your ideal customer looks like you can build a profile of them you can look at what is their age what kind of work do they do what are their desires where their goals what is it you can offer to them now if you're very broad you're going to have a hard time defining that customer and that's why those three items are very related to building a strong brand there's the defining of customer which requires you having some kind of core message and then there's that link between them that now you're creating this market you've gone out you created your business.

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It's got a core message it's got an offering now there's a market because you're attracting people that are coming in to buy something let's look at what Howard shows a CEO of Starbucks had to say about Brenda's well as I like I like his quote mass advertising can help build brands but authenticity is what makes them last if people believe they share values with the company they will stay loyal to the brand this is another element of a successful company especially if you're small starting out doing it by yourself authenticity speak to potential customers as you would speak to someone in a casual conversation basically use you a lot in your blog post for instance so you're just talking one on one one tip that I've heard which is helpful in this building those kinds of posts that are speaking to someone directly just put a picture of someone you might know on your desk while you're writing up blog posts and do it as if you're having coffee with them sitting in a table somewhere it's very casual and you're just talking to them like that and and don't try to be someone you're not because if you try to be someone you're not you're going to have a hard time building.

A brand because your inner core self is not coming through that's what you want now let's look at a couple of things that will help us build a brand as we get into something more practical about building brands those are focus and consistency it's actually not hard to build a brand it just takes doing a few things right and continuing to do them so let's look at focus and what is involved there communicate your core beliefs to ideal customers core beliefs or basically your core message about your business and this is part of you this is part of that authenticity that we talked about earlier so if you put that message out there it's going to attract certain people that want to read more about your message they're going to resonate with your message next have partners that fall under your brand that fall under your message and align with it you don't want to get someone that's not going to be aligned with your common goals and your common message for your business one reason is that they've got a already established group of customers and if you and your partner are speaking along.

The same lines along similar lines it doesn't have to be exact but there's a lot of commonality there then their audience is going to be attracted to you so you in that way get more people to your site you get more potential customers consistency message is always the same so every time you create a new blog post you're making sure it aligns and enforces your core message every time you create a new product you're making sure your product lines and enforces your core message any new partners route that you get with to do revenue sharing maybe and by partner don't mean a partner in your business I just mean someone that you're going out finding establishing in a relationship with maybe a revenue sharing relationship that they also fall under your core consistent message any consulting you do falls under your core consistent messaging that's important because it been strengthened your brand makes your brand grow and that's the time element of it so as long as you're doing these things that help build your brand which is basically just every vehicles that you send out there with your message your brand is going to grow it's going to get stronger it's going to attract more people so let's look at a few illustrations about focus and how we can accomplish that when we're creating a message that has a focus across all elements of our communication a diagram of that might look something like this on the outer edge which is basically the world this is the Internet this might be direct mail messages that we send out here is our website so we send pieces of information out into the world this can be ads it can be the our blog and we may put our blog post up on syndication websites it may be direct I'm sorry mail newsletters that we send out and so people become attracted to what we're sending out here but specific people and the way that happens is let's just call these different people we're basically putting out bait it's kind of like fishing if you want to think of it that way and what this does is it captures people that are interested in what we're putting out so they're interested in our message and they come from the outside portion and go all the way back to our website because of our message and it's because our message is clear that we attract these people.

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Now if we didn't have a clear message and it's more broad it wouldn't resonate as strongly with core groups so what you have there is a dilution of your message and your message is going out to no one in particular it's capturing pieces of what people may be interested in so if you want to have a message that attracts people to your website it needs to be highly focused needs to talk about something specific and not be broad so when these people come to your site then the overall message is very clear here and all your blog post all your products that you offer are all resonating that same message that they read out here on the perimeter and then once they get to your site maybe they start looking at products then the message is the same through the purchase so let's say that someone makes a purchase they come to the Thank You page and at this point you may offer a second product but that second product falls within the first product so it may be on the edge of your message but it still falls directly under your message so what you have is your message and everything falls under it you have any products you offer falling under your message any upsells that you offer falling under your message.

So that everything is basically aligning with your message you have maybe partners that are also falling under your message so everything is under this message basically you've created your own kind of world in which it is all about your specific message now you couldn't build this world if your message is broad because it'll be very porous so let me change colors real quick and we might buy porous I mean you'll have four examples up for example holes in your in your world that people can leak out from so someone may see your message and it's kind of diluted it's not very focused and they may be right here reading it and then they say ah this looks more interesting and out they go out of you world they go or they even make it all the way to your website and then your message is about something specific that they were interested in and then they see other blog posts that are not really related to that that you you have up there are other links that go to other websites that aren't directly related to your message then they again this looks more interesting in out they go so this that's not something you want to do you want to make sure your message is highly focused and targeted and that will prevent all of these leaks that will plug all these holes so that when people come to your site there's a high probability they're going to stay there there's a high probability or a higher probability that they'll purchase your product with that targeted message versus if you didn't have that targeted message so I hope that it helps explain a little bit about why it is so important that your site your business communicates some specific message and there it there are subjective subjective areas that maybe you have things on the perimeter of your message so that it's it's not directly part of your message but it's still falling within your under the umbrella of your message or aligning with your message that's what you want to do so maybe you're not always talking about the specific thing that your core message is about you're kind of branching out and broadening.

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A little bit but there is that alignment and there is that very strong relationship to anything that you may have on the tangent of your message then we're going to look more at a diagram of consistency and how having the message always be the same can help us build a stronger brand now that we understand the power of focus let's look at consistency going forward whenever you create new products and I'm just going to draw again the central focus which would be the website whenever you create a new product product eh now that you have a focus the message it will help guide your products to make sure that they do stay within the umbrella of your overall message so product day is an offering by your website that falls within your message now your message you're focused message is guiding you so that any new products will align with that message and then again any that's well let's say any partners so this will be a partner that may have a product and you're doing a revenue sharing with they'll also fall under your same message you may begin offering services consulting something like that so this is another one of your offerings a revenue generator cost drive I mean a revenue driver for example now it is also aligned under your umbrella of your main message so what's happened here is because your message is focused and now you understand your message and the strength of it you're going to be more aware that the common thread of your message will go through all things that you create going forward so this is called consistency because this product and this partner and this offering are all consistent with the message so before you may start with in the beginning you're small you've got maybe a message that is not as focused as you would want it to be but as you add more blog posts that begin following the same thread of the message the same thread of consistency your brand gets bigger and stronger and because it's attracting more people you're getting more feedback from potential customers or customers if you're offering products and then as you offer products that also align with your message you just continue to strengthen your Brande you bring on partners that align with your message and fall under your message umbrella again it's building and strengthening your brand that partner has customers.

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As well that now are attracted to you and then you offer your services your consulting services for example your brand just keeps getting stronger all these elements starting with when you were this small branching out all these elements just build and strengthen the brand so going back to these boxes here which are different ways to put out your message they're different delivery vehicles to put out your message they also add and strengthen to your brand so as you add more of these another product for example you add another ring and it doesn't have to be a product it can be another partner it can be more blog post all this strengthens your brand that's why the consistency is so important that thread just keeps running through that message is overwhelmingly powerful and attracts more and more people to it more people talk about you and your offering as your brand gets stronger that attracts more of the same kind of people and so your brand just continues to grow and grow and grow and one thing you don't want to do is bring in some product call it product X and it looks like a triangle it's not aligning with your message so what ends up happening here is you begin diluting your message and what we're going to look at that next and why it's important to not do that dilution this is the brand killer this is where you're putting out messages that don't strongly in line with Brande so as we kind of touched on in the last illustration whenever you are creating products that aren't strengthening your brand and stand talking about something that's fairly unrelated you're diluting your brand you're trying to bring in a larger audience that is going to it's going to be difficult to have them resonate with your core message because now your core message is starting to get weak and when that happens people have a difficult time trying to determine what exactly you are about a strong brand a strong message implicitly tells people what you're about there's not a difficulty in trying to figure it out people immediately know or know very quickly what it is you're about that's one thing your brand does and that's one of the only things your core message does which is something you absolutely need to help build your brand so by diluting your brand you're tearing down all the hard work that you've been putting into it to avoid dilution just keep everything you do aligned is strongly with your brand so all these delivery vehicles that you're putting out there that deliver your message make sure those little message the messages that go out align with your brand and strengthen it they're part of it they're they're adding little pieces to your core message and making it clearer expanding it a little bit making it more detailed and that will always help strengthen and build a strong brand I hope you've enjoyed this course.

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