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3 mistakes to avoid when running a social media campaign

A social media campaign is the heart and soul of social media optimization. However, some local companies feel as if it is easy to run a social media campaign. As a result of which they make huge mistakes. These mistakes lead their social media campaigns to become a complete failure. This failure can also result in loss in sales for the company and this way a local company loses tons of followers.

In this post we’ll tell you in detail about 3 mistakes to avoid when running a social media campaign.

Know when to post

If you’re a small business the most important thing that you need to take care of is time. This is where social media automation helps out by posting on the right time each time you need it. Doesn’t matter where you’re occupied your automated service will post your updates automatically at the time you’ve set. click here to read how to change facebook theme.

However, you should always keep an eye on the audience and alter timings according to the traffic. Also keep an eye on the news for a better promotion. Your audience won’t like it if they are in sorrow of a plane crash tragedy and you are posting about new deals. Many local businesses didn’t pay attention to this during the charlie hebdo incident and paid a huge price when they lost precious customers.

Look before you leap

Keep an eye on the topics that are trending on the social network. People love it when their favorite service interacts on a trending topic. However, always know what it is trending for because sometimes it can backfire. For example, digiorno pizza did a fail attempt of marketing by tweeting on the hashtag  #whyistayed, the tweet read: “#whyistayed you had pizza.


The hashtag was actually for domestic abuse and digiorno pizza’s tweet cost them a very bad feedback and they lost tons of customers as well.

Re-read before publishing anything

Human error is something that is bound to happen. Make sure you take out one minute every time you post for re-reading your post and analyzing your post for mistakes before you publish. A simple typo can change a lot of things. A user recently tweeted out something in favor of french connection united kingdom but his simple typo changed his entire tweet to something he really didn’t expect. He posted #teamfuck instead of #teamfcuk which is a curse word.


Even the us airlines made a huge mistake when they retweeted a pornographic image accidently. They were actually heading to report the image as abuse and accidently hit the retweet button. The guy who was responsible for it got fired because the retweet quite quickly became the subject to humiliation for the airlines. 10 common mistake to run social campian.

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