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Adsense – publishers dream of earning

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Adsense – publishers dream of earning

Now a days almost all the publishers primary goal is to get the adsense account. It can be both simple and complex. You see adsense is strictly monitored. If you set up a blog with copying from other blogs/posts then google will tag you as spam and your adsense account will not be activated. The idea is simple, if you want to publish a blog then try yourself and not copying from others.

After setting up your blog with your own idea/content apply for adsense

. But please don’t think that your account will be activated within 3-4 hours. Actually the normal time to get the account activated is 3-4 days. Don’t panick if your account is not activated. Be patient, that’s the important thing.

Once your account is activated you can create ads and put it in your page. It take 5-10 minutes for google  to analyze the content ans display relevant ads.

There are some points you have to remember before putting adsense in your page:


1. Do not click on your own ads.

2. Don’t put any pop ups.

3. Don’t use any kind of autohits.

4. Don’t post any content that is against google’s policy (i.e. Adult content).

5. Don’t try to share click or something like that.

6. Don’t use any links or pointer to the users invoking them to click on ads (i.e. Please click on this link/ads to support).

7. Read adsense terms & conditions to understand the restrictions.

Its very simple from google, abide by their rules and you can stay put, you break the rules in slightest bit – they will ban you.

Now if you are banned then its very very difficult to get the account back. In almost all of the cases there is no restoring account.

So keep it simple. Don’t rush into anything. Let the users come and click on ads if they choose to. And you will be earning without any problems.


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