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bald man – a little from me – smarttricks


Yo, i’m bald man – a little from me

One in three men will experience losing hair in their twenties, and as the age goes up, the chances of baldness, or at least hair loss, go up. So, what does a person going bald have to look forward to?

Having gone through the process myself, i can give you some helpful pointers on how to spot going bald early and how to deal with it. First thing’s first – there’s a great myth of being bald running in the family and how someone thinks he will not lose hair because his father’s hair still looks good. That’s complete nonsense, as well all carry the appropriate genes for thinning of the hair. The process itself is connected to the testosterone production, to an enzyme called dht which directly causes hair follicles to close up and die off. It’s a natural process, and there’s no running from it,


Early signs of going bald should be pretty easy to spot, it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. Here are some of the things you should be noticing – thinning of hair, hair on your comb, your scalp burns on sun as often as your nose, and the photos of you look kind of off to you, but you are not sure why. Most men try to struggle against going bald, usually falling for one (or several) hair treatment scams before going for something more reasonable (like a hair transplant), but i’d advise against all that. I am not approaching this from “the bald is beautiful” angle, because it’s not, but try to think about practical side of things for a bit? All of the hair transplants are more or less dangerous and will most likely leave scars, scars which will not look impressive at all once you finally have to stop the battle against going bald. It may buy you years of time, but it comes at a cost, in both aesthetics and in a big cost to your wallet.


I’d say – educate yourself. Being bald is much more common than you thought, and there are plenty of hair loss statistics to look up online. Don’t get caught in the moment and don’t let your hair vanity get you to look stupid by chasing after ancient chinese medicine or some other similar product that is going to help you hide your thinning hair – it’s best to just roll with it, shave your head before you become the butt of a joke with your friends and learn to adopt the bald lifestyle – it’s not so bad, and it’s got it’s perks!



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