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Best android apps Of Google Play Store – 2020

Best android apps Of Google Play Store

Top 10 best android apps Of Google Play Store

Android is one in all the foremost common mobile OS employed by million of users across the world. Due to it’s options,apps and games etc most of the folks prefers to use automaton smartphones than ios devices. There are thousand of  apps/games obtainable in Google Play store, however during this article we tend to share about to share the highest ten best android apps  and games that you just will transfer from Google Play store and begin to use  them on your smartphones.

Top 10 best android apps:

Have a glance the least bit of those high popular apps/games mentioned below:

1. Swype Keyboard:

Swype Keyboard is one among the most effective automaton app that’s most well-liked on Google Play store attributable to options it provides. It’s best for for typewriting documents quickly from your automaton smartphone. You’ll be able to get this impressive app for simply from Play store.


2. Clean Master:

Most of the folks perform completely different reasonably tasks on their automaton smartphone, that creates it work slower. So as to form your device work quick and to clear the cache,boost the RAM performance, you must got to use the Clean Master app.

3. Skype:

Skype is one among the most effective app that may be used for communication with people round the world through electronic communication, audio chat or video chat etc. It’s utilized by quite 250 million users across the globe and is high rated app in automaton market.

4. Ti Backup professional:

Titanium Backup professional is one among the most effective and helpful automaton app that may be used for backing up your information like SMS, Calls and alternative information etc. Value of this application could be a bit high ($6.58) however it’s extremely advocate for automaton users to should have this automaton app in their smartphones.


5. Root human:

Root human is another automaton app that works as file manager and provides root access to numerous device elements, scripts etc. You’ll be able to obtain this application for simply $3.99 😛 .

6. Swiftkey Keyboard:

Swiftkey keyboard is another helpful and high automaton app that mechanically predicts subsequent words and kind them on screen. You’ll be able to obtain this app for simply $3.99. It’s got four.5/5 rating and quite 360,000 reviews on Google Play Store.

7. Minecraft:

Minecraft is paid automaton app that users should purchase for $6-$7. During this game users got to build blocks in Minecraft world. Fascinating factor is that after you’ve got bought this application, you’ll be able to conjointly use this app/game on alternative automaton devices.

8. Snapchat:

Snapchat is best app for the teenagers that’s largely accustomed share the pictures, videos etc. The individual that receives the image, video etc can got to make sure at intervals the twenty four hours otherwise the link are terminated which specific user can now not are access to it specific image or video.


9. Kik traveler:

Because of it’s options, Kik traveller is another fashionable automaton app that has quite one hundred million active users. The numbers of it’s users square measure increasing day by day and also the users will use this application so as to speak with their friends or relations etc.

10. Flappy Bird:

Flappy Bird is that the most well-liked automaton app/game attributable to it’s simplicity. It’s one among the foremost trending automaton application ever that got higher response from all the automaton users. It’s truly habit-forming and fascinating game to play and enjoy.


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