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Blogger To wordpress : 3 Things To Do, Which Will Save Your Traffic


How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings

Blogger To wordpress Broken Permalinks Setting

Now a days many bloggers are moving their blog from blogger to wordpress for some reasons like SEO plugins, facebook comments and other advantages. But after restoring the blogger posts, they are removing from SERP as the permalink structure will be changed for those posts and a 404 page will be encountered instead of the post page. To overcome these, read the full post and follow the steps correctly to successfully move your blog from 

Blogger to wordpress.

1. Change the Permalink structure, which looks like Blogger links

Goto settings -> Permalinks.

In common settings, select “Month and name”.

Click on Save changes.

Now the posts links looks like Blogger permalinks.

2.Install Smart 404 plugin

When a 404 page encounters, the Smart 404 plugin searches for the matching page with the help of the currently opened URL pattern, tags, categories of the posts and opens the correct page. click here to read SEO contest at Promojunkie Forum

3.Edit .htaccess file

When a blogger blog is opened in mobile, it appends ?M=1 and ?M=2 to the links.These links will be removed from SERP if we do not the proper settings. Even after installing the smart 404 plugin, the mobile site links will not be redirected. We should make a permenant redirection for these links. So to redirect the mobile site links follow these steps.

Open .htaccess file, which is present in the wordpress installed directory in your hosting.

Make a copy of this file.


Add the following to .htaccess right after the rewriteengine on rewritebase /line.

Rewritecond %{QUERY_STRING} ^m=1$

Rewriterule (.*) $1? [R=permanent]

Now save the file and open your blog.

If any error occurs, replace the .htaccess file with the previously copied .htaccess file and try again.

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