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Cpm Forest- A Brief Review

Cpm Forest- A Brief Review


Cpm forest- A brief Review

With my post cpmforest- Best CPM for low traffic sites on December 15th, I have tried this CPM network across my few blogs and after 8 days of trial with them, I though of review it as many b loggers as of now are aware existence of cpmforest as it has created a brand look at their opening but many are looking for their feedback’s and reviews.

  So, here is my Cpm Forest- a brief review.

Cpm Forest- A Brief Review


As promised at the time of launch, it would be generating a revenue of $0.10 to $3.50 per CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and it has proven it. For 3,022 impressions which my blogs have generated I have earned $0.331 giving my CPM to $0.11 which is in the range as said by cpmforest.



  • Impressions generated: 3,022
  • Revenue : $0.33122
  • CPM : $0.11


Cpm Forest- A Brief Review Pros:


Good for new sites who have got their applications rejected from Best CPM networks.

Instant statistics and display of earnings.

Cpm Forest- A Brief Review Cons:


Ads shown aren’t that much great, maybe thats because they are not inviting advertisers until this year end.

Low CPM rates.

So, are you new to blogging world and want to make a little of what you have invested then surely you must join this program.



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