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How To Download Your Data From Facebook Account

How To Download Your Data From Facebook Account

 How To Download Your Data From Facebook With a Simple Trick 

Facebook is a one of the most popular social networking site. Soon after we create a facebook account we share photos,chat with our friends,likes and comments,Status updates and there are so many. These are so memorable.  If your account got deleted or hacked for some reasons then all the data will be lost.So you have to backup your data from facebook.There is a special option available for this. click here

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How To Backup Your Data From Facebook:

Goto Account Settings. On the bottom of the page you will find “Download a Copy” Option.Click on that.

A page will be opened with “Start My Archive“.Click on that

Enter your facebook password and submit it.

Then a mail will be sent to your email id with download link.

It takes sometime for the mail depending on the size of your data.


If your data is less you will get an email within minutes..Otherwise it will take sometime.


Click on the download link sent to your email id.

On clicking it a page will be opened with “Download Archive Option”. Enter your facebook password again and submit it.

Then your backup file will be downloaded in zip format.Extract it and open the folder.

Photos that you shared are displayed in separate folder.If the photos are shared album wise then each album will be displayed in separate folder.Similar to that we can see videos and text updates can be seen in HTML Folder.Chat messages are in Messages Page.

Like that get a copy of what you have shared in facebook.Also don’t forget to protect your data from others.Because your chat history to status updates and personal details  everything is available in that folder.So it is good to lock your facebook backup data folder

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