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Earn From Youtube With Google Adsense In 2020

earn from youtube with google adsense

How can we earn from youtube with google adsense :

The internet has changed the world a lot and today there are tons of ways to earn online. One of the easiest ways to earn money online is through youtube. Thousands of youtube users earn daily from youtube channels through your beloved google adsense. Google adsense on youtube? How’s that possible? How does it work? Got more questions? We’ll answer them in this blog post today.

Let’s have a look on how to earn from youtube with google adsense:-


The process

generating income through youtube channels is only possible by becoming a youtube partner.  However, for getting your payments you’ll need a google adsense account. After your approval from google and youtube, you’ll be able to insert ads by google on your video on youtube. The process after that is pretty straight forward the ads will appear on your video and you’ll be paid for every click on the ads.


Growing your audience

To start with youtube, it is not necessary to have good number of subscribers, views, likes, comments just need to monetize your channel .

 but to get success with youtube, make sure you have an amazing audience. Some average numbers that you need to have are 5000 subscribers, 50,000 views and at least 100,000 upload views. There are people that have been successful with lesser numbers but the success rate for them isn’t always guaranteed. Try going with the average numbers that i’ve proposed and you’ll be successful.

Why to build an audience? Well the answer to that is quiet simple. Both youtube and google adsense don’t waste their money on a bunch of clicks they want clicks in huge numbers. And let’s just say they start paying you for small number of clicks, the money you’ll get will be in cents and that is of no use for you. So, for better revenue, make sure you have a good and quality audience on youtube. click here

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Post daily

If you want to build your audience, you need to start posted on daily basis. If people like your ideas they will come back for more. And if they like them enough to share them on social networks, even their friends will visit your channel. So keep posting videos as frequently.

Do stuff professionally

Being in the online advertisement world, you won’t get much revenue if you’re not professional. If you’re not already professional a simple tip to become professional is to make a brand name for yourself. With a brand name your customers can easily find your work. Another way is to make a website and post your videos on your website.

Copyright infringement

For better acceptance, always post content on facebook that is either no subject to copyright or has your copyrights on it. You have to take care of a lot of things for it from the background music to any logo included in the video. Making money online is all about creativity. Don’t steal someone else’s work. Do your own original work to make an impression.


Become a youtube partner

Once you’re finally done uploading your copyright-free original content with a good number of views and a good brand name you’re ready to become a youtube partner. Just keep in mind that you need to be approved by google adsense first. Once you’re done doing all these things you’ll start earning through youtube with google adsense.

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