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Essay on women empowerment (1200 word) for students

women empowerment

Women Empowerment Essay

Women’s empowerment is seen as weak in any country.  But we should all unite and support women empowerment.

Understand women empowerment, empowering women in our society to walk side by side with women and men.  The motto of women empowerment is to give women their rightful rights.  Like we all know that we have a rewarding country where women are considered more than men.

In today’s India, work is not allowed in most places and they are also instructed to leave family and home.  Even today, even in this modern age, 40 to 50% are educated and are still sitting at home.  Sitting at home is going waste.  Taking care of children at home is a part of family life.  One should go to office like men and they have knowledge.  And she can also do something good for the country.  One of the biggest reasons for the lack of women empowerment is that India is still counted among developing countries.  If the women of the country become empowered and work like men with their knowledge by coming out with the world and working shoulder to shoulder with men, then the day is not far when our country will come in a list of India developed countries.

The government will have to bring many rules and laws to empower women.  Understanding women because gender discrimination in our society is still happening in this modern era.  Even today, in many places there are illegal crimes like female feticide by illegally examining the penis.  Girls are considered less than boys, so at many places, girls are being tortured after marriage.  If we see from the right perspective, injustice is being done to women, which should not happen because everyone in this world should respect our worship and tradition of living independently but this does not mean that women are taken away by wrong means

  Be tortured with.


Even today, in our country India where Mother Parvati Durga Kali is worshiped as women.  I do not know why there will be no work by just honoring the mother and sister daughter or wife, but we have to empower the women of our society so that it is allowed to happen that there is less than men with injustice like Sati system dowry system, civic system  Sexual harassment, curtain practice, female feticide, girls used to get married at a young age, today most of these things have reduced.  But even today there are some things due to which women are not being empowered.  Which we have to overcome women in India have the right to work.


The role of education should be the right to take decisions on their own.  Those who remind us that the same thinking leaders like Raja Rammohan Roy forced the government to remove the practice of Sati. Later, some other great social reformer like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Acharya Vinoba Bhave Swami Vivekananda gave the rights of women to the society.  People and people, in these coming years, the government has also prepared more laws to promote the concept of women empowerment.  Rules, laws and people’s thinking will prove to be helpful in getting women their rights. We also have to understand the importance of our women’s empowerment and respect the women of the society so that they can get their rights.


Today’s women face social and economic factors. But they also have to raise small children and listen to them in the homework.


How many religious places are women empowering and women are given enough benefits. There is a place in our country where women want to raise their voice but they do not get enough support.


But we should work to bring women forward by supporting these women empowerment so they too can get enough empowerment And he could fight for his own benefit. Most women are found in small businesses like the soap factory.



Women are also fighting against drugs. But he does not get enough support because the men are against him. If you are a wise man, he will move towards women empowerment and support women.


This kind of work is found in many areas 

In one village, 250 women come together and run a women’s empowerment body. And they are getting full support of the village.  I am also proud of such women. And in some places, women are protesting against alcohol over the empowerment of women. I am so proud of such a woman’s socialization and the women who live in it.


Women’s rights :

Child marriage

Domestic violence

Domestic workers

Gender equality

labor rights in the german industry 

Women and armed conflict

Women helths and fgm

Sexual violence and rape


In the villages as well as in some backward areas, women have to go upstairs to a very open place on the toilet. So the solution to this question can be called a women empowerment. Women empowerment brings a solution and takes it to a very advanced level. 


If any woman has a question, if they all work together in this way, then surely she can come forward and take her in advance And the wise person in the society supports and empowers women empowerment.


There are some women in the country who are doing more work but if they do not get support then we support them and we will help them in furthering women empowerment.


How to Empower Women? (How do you support women empowerment?)

  • Establishment of women empowerment if it is not available
  • If women empowerment is going on in the village or city, their problems will be solved
  • If female empowerment is on, bring something that does not meet female O.
  • As well as helping them in their work, and empowering women.

Need for Women Empowerment

Women need empowerment for men and women to have equal rights. Any man who is capable of saying this will support the Women’s Empowerment Board


Disclaimer : is very supportive of women empowerment abd will continue to support.


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