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Is Google Adsense The Real Money Making Machine Or Just Scam?

There’s one question that always gets to most of newbies and that’s when people tell me Google Adsense is a scam. It’s very frustrating as I’m happily earning through Google Adsense for ages. So is Google Adsense the real money making machine or Just scam? If you work smart and it is in no way a scam. For that you need to know what Google Adsense is.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a program that enables webmasters and bloggers to earn online by showing ads by Google. Don’t be surprised you’ve seen these kinds of ads everywhere on the web even when you search on Google. Why would it pay us? It looks like a scam? Well, trust me it isn’t. Basically Google gets paid by companies for the ads people click on. Google keeps the larger cut and provides you some share. There are 2 ways to earn from Adsense

Impressions – Google pays you for your page views. It counts


Clicks – This is PPC campaign which people pays to adword on click basis.

Impression/ Click – it will decide how much you will get payment.

I’ll try to make this as easy as possible. Officially, google Adsense gives you 68% of revenue generated by you. You sign up at Google Adsense and it gives you an HTML code that you can put on your website or blog. The way your ad looks is something you decide. Their shape, size and color is up to you to decide. After you put your ads on your website people will start clicking it. You’ll paid when your Google Adsense Revenue reaches around 100$. click here to learn best way to make money online.

Am I Eligible?

If you’ve got a blog on blogger and channel on youtube, you’ll just have to click at ‘Monetize’ to set up your Adsense account on your blog.

If you’ve a self hosted blog on wordpress, apply for an Adsense account. You now just have to place the HTML on your self-hosted blog and start earning.


How much can I earn and how do I know is not a scam?

No you won’t get rich instantly with Adsense. It takes a lot of smart work. Sometimes people think when they can’t earn that Google Adsense is a scam. The thing is, you’ll have to work hard to gain organic traffic for proper earnings with Google Adsense. It took me 1 month to make 2$ in starting. YES 2 DOLLARS. So it is hard to earn. However when you have a blog where you post frequently, you start earning faster. Now i am earning $10-$15 per day and it’s just 3 month to go. There are vast example available online on internet who mint money with google adsense. Here are some of few given below:-

Top 10 World Adsense Earner and their review about adsense

1- Courtney Rosen

2. Pete Cashmore

3. Shawn Hogan

4. Markus Frind


5. Kevin Rose

6. Michael Arrington

7. Perez Hilton

8. Jeremy Schoemaker

9. Amit Agarwal

10.Pankaj Agarwal

Sometimes people heat up and shut their accounts when they haven’t made anything in ages. If you want to get money instantly with in month and you don’t have any knowledge related to blog than I’m sorry to say that Adsense isn’t for you. You need to give it proper timing.

Google Adsense is an international payment solution for thousands of blogs online. Google Adsense pays at least 10 million dollars every week for just Adsense payments. And that’s just in the US. There is no scam in Google Adsense and if you start using proper strategies you can earn huge amount on daily basis.