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How can being bald work for you?

How can being bald work for you


Balding is something every third man is dealing with, but for some reason, it is considered a curse or a major problem. In fact, being bald can be a good thing, and here are just some of the good points of not having any hair up there!

1. You will never get ID’d

I don’t know of a single instance when a bald person was asked for an ID at a pub or at a store. You can have a baby face and still, all it takes is a not towards the drink you want and the bartender will be on it. After all, teenagers aren’t bald, everybody knows that.

2. You can adopt absolutely any style you want

From jeans and black leather motor freak to a professional male escort in a suit with a tie – being bald goes with any style you care to name. Some things just wouldn’t look good on you if you had your hair on top of you, but once you adopt your boldness, you can wear a hawaiian set in the middle of a busy city street and look like you belong there. Fancy hat? Sure, from fisherman’s hats to cowboy hats, a bald man has a lot of choices in front of him as far as style goes. Just look at the movies. Bruce Willis pulled off plenty of different bald characters, and it’s not all his acting skills – not having any hair definitely helped his cause!


3 Save ton of time

Do you know how much time some guys spend styling their hair? Well, enough to make even women roll their eyes. A quick 10 minute hair maintenance process is nothing for these guys, they spend an hour making sure their hair looks top notch. All you have to worry about is being neatly shaved, and you’re all done! Get up from your bed, get dressed, brush your teeth and you’re good to go anywhere, with no time lost on hair. CLICK HERE


4. Save ton of money

This one goes hand in hand with previous post. Hair products have become an important part of every man’s toilet, it seems. Well, no more, now you can save tons of cash on all of the hair care products you’re not going to buy. Shampoo, gel hair, haircut – these things will no longer make a dent in your pocket.


5 No dandruff!

You will no longer worry about wearing black clothes that look like it snowed after you spend some time in them. Dandruff makes you look like a slob, but now that you’re bald, that’s something you will never have to worry about.

As you can see, there’s always a silver lining Being bald is not a bad thing, there are plenty of good sides of being bald. These are just some of them – think a little and I’m sure you’ll find your own reasons to be happy about being bald!


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