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How to get started with internet marketing – 2020

How to get started with internet marketing

How to get started with internet marketing (traditional method or modern expertise strategy)

Today, i have something great for you may be the thing that can change your mindset. I will let you know about working procedure of traditional internet marketing and expertise modern way of internet marketing. This post also includes the difference between this 2-method of internet marketing and how newbie or expert gets benefit from it.

Traditional way of work:-

Find hot or evergreen niche:-

Every keyword can be defined by its niche. For affiliate marketer, it’s internet based niche segments for large markets. Niche website is target based website. If you are working on adsense, you can go for top 100 high paying keywords. You can go for event blogging niche. If you are working on affiliate marketing, then you need to know the hot niche about it. click here to learn 3 common mistakes to run social media camian.

Find popular or high converting product in that niche:-

Now, suppose you find out weight loss niche as evergreen trending niche, then try to find out high converting product in that niche or the product which is also in trends.

Do keyword research and find target keywords:-

Suppose weight loss is keyword and weight destroyer program is product i.e high selling product on clickbank. Now you need to find out target buyer keywords according to that product.

Build a website/affiliate website/adsense site around that keywords :-

Now on that keywords, you need to find the exact match domain. You can sum up the keywords for getting exact match domain as shown below:-


Weight destroyer plans

Weight destroyer program reviews

Weight destroyer by michael wren

Michael wren weight destroyer

Exact match domain:-

Search it in who is and in this way, you will get 1-emd domain on which you can work.

Start backlink and get ranking

Now, some people asks that how to get quality backlinks – it’s not difficult. Just find out your competitors in the market. Suppose i searched on google “weight destroyer” – now the top 10-sites are your competitor and now you need to find out that quality backlinks which are using by those high ranking sites. You can use pbn website or expired high pa/da domain sites as backlinks. If you don’t know about it or want to know more than you should read out my next article.

Convert traffic into sales:-

First of all, always remember that the traffic comes to you, after searching something or through any directory, always have some intention and he should get proper response of that intention. To know about how to convert this use intent into your business or how to add call-to-action.

Flip for larger profits:-

Lastly, you can flip your websites on flippa or sedo for much larger profits as it’s best selling website. You can sell your website anytime when you want to shut down your website work or you want to transfer your project to some bigger project. In this way, you will get worth of your work.

Reverse or modern method of internet marketing:-

It’s method where you will know about some great things going into market that are  how peoples are getting rank with just a few backlinks, how people gets ranking with one page websites on high competitor keywords and many more.

  • Go to buying & selling website platform:-

Till now, you have worked on traditional method of internet marketing but today you are going to watch the method which is followed by expertise internet marketers. See which type of website won auction and how to get high pa/da expired domains in few bucks and then make out plan to mint money.


  • Go to advance search:-

For search out the websites according to revenue and profits:-

  • Find sites that have won auctions
  • Find won auction that are sold for atleast 1000$ profit
  • Find won auction that are having atleast 200$ profit in revenue
  • Find won auction that have verified adsense screenshot (for adsense niche site)

While doing research in this way, you will be able to get knowledge about websites on which peoples are ready to pay you anytime.

  • Check performances of those domain:-

Here are some tools which let you know about the age, backlinks, page authority, domain authority, trust factor, anchor text etc.

  • Majestic tool
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Moz toolbar ( mozilla & chrome extension)
  • Seoquake chrome extension
  • Copyscape or siteliner
  • Plagiarism-checker

By using all above tool, you will know that how that domain is worked till now and what’s graph is talking about website.

  • Buy expired domain:-

Now you can go in section of expired domain where you can check out those domains which are already expired and had good pa/da, quality backlinks. Now you need to buy this domain . After brought this type of domain, you can use it as your main domain where less work brings oriented results for you or you can make pbn (private blog network i.e. Network of high pa/da sites which creates conceptual high quality backlinks for you). Now-a-days experts buys more than 50- high domain authority sites so that they made complete blog network.

While buying expired domain, you should have proper plan to work with. First of all, get idea from flippa that which type of site should be created and which type of keywords are high paying keywords then try to get the exact match expired domain

if you want to make it your main domain.

5) add quality content, backlinks and social sharing:-

Now you come into competition of ranking your keyword. The main difference between traditional method and modern method is that you need to run your blog at least for 2 month to come into race. Once you setup blog in 2-3 month, then you will go for competition whereas in modern way of working, you just need to find out the best expired domain related to your niche and come into competition straight away. You just need to add quality content and add some social sharing or quality backlinks for re-activate the old site. If you have proper plan of working or you are reading to your top 10-competitor, you can get results with in 1st month on high competition keyword too.

6) convert traffic into sales:-

Now you have good number of traffic already in box, you just need to convert it into sales. 


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