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How to Maintain A Good Blog? – Top Powerfull Tips

How to Maintain A Good Blog

How to Maintain A Good Blog? Follow the 5 Important Tips

So you have a very good blog that’s up and running and has lots of subscribers. But do you think it needs maintenance? Yes, you heard it right. Touching up or maintaining a blog is very important for better SEO and good reputation on the web. However, most people don’t even know how to touch up or maintain their blog. Oh well, we’ll help you with that. As we have shared a post on how to concentrate on blogging. social media campian common mistakes.

In this post we’ll tell you 5 important tips on How to Maintain A Good Blog? Let’s see these tips one by one for the better blog.

Focus On your Blog URL

Don’t ever use “permalinks” like . Try and use URL structure like instead. Most of the blogging platforms online allow you to switch from numbered permalinks to a more organized selection like the one I just mentioned. A better URL means a that the Google Spider can crawl your webpage more easily and rank it even more easily. When starting touch-up on your blog, make sure you get a good look on the urls.


Better Categories for a Better Blog

After writing a post make sure it is well placed in its sub category.  Also make sure you get 2 to 3 sub categories for better SEO. For example an article on action movie “Taken” should be under the categories “Movies”, “Action”, and “2009”. This way your article will be placed in a proper search engine friendly manner category and won’t even confuse your subscribers.

When touching up your blog, make sure you keep an eye on your categories and keep them well organized for a better SEO and traffic result.

Delete Spammy Comments

Every good blog has spammy comments on its comment section. Often these comments portray a bad image on the visitor and you might lose a very important subscriber. Different bots on the internet post tons of spam comments on blogs every day. Make sure you delete those comments off of your blog. When touching up your blog, remove all the useless comments from your blog to have a well reputed look on both Google and on the visitor.

Change Internal Links

Internal linking is very useful for SEO and SMO. The more your internal links are the more your blog ranks high. However, did you know that you should keep changing your internal links every few months? I bet you didn’t. Changing internal links is easy you just have to link another post to your current post and you’re done. It’s that easy. Revolving links is a very important step so make sure you keep doing it when you touch up your blog. killer tips maintain blog


Check Google Analytics

Keep your eye on your page’s Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps you track all the aspects on your webpage or blog. Analyze your blog and always keep track of what you’re doing. From keywords to global page visits. Everything you need to analyze your blog, Google Analytics will provide it.

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