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India’s Outsourcing Services on Path for Exponential Growth

India's Outsourcing Services



India’s Outsourcing Services on Path for Exponential Growth

Paul mcdougall reports for Informationweek in their Global CIO Blog that the National Association of Software and Services Companies (“NASSCOM”) predicts the $58.8 billion in India’s outsourcing revenue for the fiscal year ending 2009 will grow to over $225 billion in the next decade. Mcdougall quote’s Som Mittal, the president of NASSCOM, an association that promotes Indian offshoring, in his article entitled Indian Outsourcing To Increase Fivefold:

“ … the potential for this industry is tremendous and the industry will not be demand constrained”


In order to achieve savings and to stay competitive in the global marketplace, more and more companies are outsourcing their business and technical functions. Mcdougall confirms in his article that the Obama campaign rhetoric of keeping the existing jobs in the US and preventing jobs from going overseas has not materialized. For further discussion on the Obama campaign rhetoric and the actual affects on outsourcing, see also the following postings in this Blog:


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The current trend has tech, financial services, and manufacturing as the core industries making up the bulk of the $58.8 billion in outsourcing revenue. However Mittal suggests that WIPRO, Infosys, and Tata, India’s outsourcing behemoths, foresee healthcare and transportation as the 

engines for further revenue growth.

The top 20 outsourcing companies in India

With the coming growth an emphasis on infrastructure moves to the forefront. The traditional centers of Hyderabad and Delhi will need to be supplemented by the so-called second-tier centers like Kolkata in West Bengal in order to accommodate the growth.


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