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Magical hair growing amazing tips -2020

Magical hair growing

Magical hair growing bs – they simply don’t work!


Just think of how many men are there who are coping with their hair loss problems? It’s a natural process that men all around the world fear, and the issues that arose out of this condition include low self esteem and even depression. Naturally, men who are unhappy about their hair loss are ready to grasp at straws, which is where all of the products you see advertised on tv, in the newspaper, in the magazines and on the radio come.

When there’s demand, there’s a supply, and there’s a great demand for hair loss products that can “fix” man’s hair loss problems. You’ve most likely heard about some of them from your barber, or from your friend, or on the internet! There are hundreds and hundreds of these magical products that offer solution to hair problems, yet it seems like there are still bald men around. Why is that? Well, because all of those products are a scam. There are only two fda approved hair loss treatments, and both have their downsides next to the positive effects they have on hair growth. All other offers and deals you hear about should be treated as scams.


It’s pretty easy to spot a scam. To do so, you have to know how hair loss works in the first place. Over 95% of all hair loss cases are caused by dht (dihydrotestosterone), an enzyme created naturally in your body that you can not inhibit or effect without causing some serious damage to your health. That’s all there is to it – in the presence of dht, hair follicles shrink and die over a period of time (the time varies depending on the testosterone levels), and the process is not reversible.

Now, look at what these miraculous hair loss treatment products promise. Here are some of the hilarious methods these scam products use to treat your hair loss:

1) opening of blocked follicles

 – this is the most common advertisement. Your follicles are blocked and all you need to get your hair back is to open them with the very affordable (emphasis) product.

2) cardiovascular stimulation – you’re not bald, it’s just that your scalp is not getting enough blood for the hair to grow! Let’s just ignore the fact that you’d have larger problems than your hair if you had problems with bloodstream to your head.

3) hypnotism – it boggles the mind that there are people that buy into this kind of voodoo medicine, but there have been numerous cases where the service sold to the balding men included hypnotism. Please, use common sense.

There are various angles and approaches the salesman can use to sell you their “fix” for your hair problem. The cure is an ancient formula that has worked since the dawn of time, the formula is something brand new, award winning, of course, there are numerous (anonymous, and/or unverifiable) testimonials, and, of course, the medicine comes from far away, which is why you haven’t heard of it before (india, china, europe – you name it) click here

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The truth is – being bold is not a medical condition, it’s a medical state. You are not ill, this is just how your body functions. Instead of trying to “fix” yourself, most likely looking foolish and tossing away a lot of money in the process, it would be best to just embrace the fact that you’re bald, and move on. If you’re that hung on having something on your head, try a wig or a toupe. Just, for the love of god, don’t let donald trump be your model when picking a toupe.


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