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Olive mobiles price list

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Olive mobiles price list

Olive telecommunications is the new leader in the mobile market who has entered on december 23, 2009 with their mobile product launch.


Olive mobiles price list 

Olive mobiles at it launch of mobile phones it has included 7 models of mobiles phones out of which 2 are touch screen phones. Complete prices of olive mobiles are listed below their model name.



1. Olive v-g1100 price – rs 999

2. Olive v-g2300 price – rs 1999

3. Olive v-g2100 price – rs 2100

4. Olive v-g8000 price – rs 2299

5. Olive v-g300 price – rs 3999

6. Olive v-g400 price – rs 4499


7. Olive v-g500 price – rs 4699


Also expected on 5 february 2010 is the launch of olive v g70 touch mobile launch. This is priced at rs 8,000. Further more of v g70 can be found here.

Olive Mobiles Handsets brief Overview

So a new mobile for just rs 999, sound cool. Have a goes. Doesn’t know where to get this mobile call on olive mobiles toll free number 1800 266 65483.


Company’s profile:


Olive telecommunications is a indian based company having their headquarters at gurgaon and started their operations in 2006. Check full profile on my blog here.



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