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Optimize Website Traffic For Google Adsense – Smarttricks

Optimize Website Traffic For Google Adsense

How to Optimize Website Traffic For Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is quite easy and the best way to mint money online. However, you’d need to get a good amount of traffic online for a good cheque from Google. As newbies, that’s something that you are unaware of. Well, we’re here to help.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to optimize website traffic for Google Adsense. Ad revenue optimization makes it easier for you.

First of all, you need to know the intent of your website traffic. How they had come to your website? What they are looking for? Are you providing those solutions what they need? If not, then you are doing big mistake here. Here in this post I will let you know how can you combine your adsense earning with other biggest platforms like maxbounty, clickbank etc. Some of the basic need for blog is given below:-

  • Proper Navigation:-

If your website will have proper navigation then every users who comes on your site will stay on site for long time. Proper spacing between all parts of website is also important. In these days, congested type of website didn’t like by user and they just get away from it asap.


  • Optimize Ads:-

The process involves making small changes to ensure that ads are performing to the best of their ability at all times. Increasing CTR of your ad units by testing it will give you more worth of it. There are few core concepts that help you out from optimizing website traffic and make sure that ads are bringing in as much revenue as possible. Some points are given below about how to optimize ads :-

  1. Try to use wide skyscraper instead of skyscraper because it’s giving more content and ads not remain congested. In this way, you should prefer wide area ads. The best ad unit sizes are 160X600, 300X250 and 728X90
  2. Use Image or Media Ads as compare to text ads
  3. Improving ad design by selecting ad colours for the text ad units, which compliment your site, are important. It will increase your CTR by double and enhance your traffic revenue.
  4. Custom search bars:- Most of the people will never used it on that blog and in this case, they are again doing mistake. Google allows publisher to place up 2- custom search bars on their pages. This type of action also shows the audience that their needs come first. It’s proper navigation through publisher content.
  5. You can use link ad units too for maximizing the revenue from traffic.
  6. Block Irrelevant Ads:- if you see any irrelevant ads on your site, then you should login to your adsense account and filter it out for making it more relevant ads on your blog.

Either I gave you some special tips still it can be wrong in your case so you need to test everything. Location, size and ads all 3-attributes should be tested and compare the CTR from each of the variation you did. Test constantly is the best idea for those who prefer continuous optimization is essential.

  • Content is King:-

Search engine optimization always leads to increase of traffic but to maximize the revenue to traffic, it is necessary to add content relevant to traffic. They are getting what they are searching for. They should have proper response of proper action. Here we can add our Call To Action or Opt-In option between middle of content, before starting and after ending of article. The main concern should be here that user’s intent, your content and your call to action should be relevant and make sense. You should let him know about cons and pros of article you posted.

  • Lastly, you should read out about privacy policy of google adsense because it’s always be hard to get login into adsense and see message that “Your adsense account has been disabled and please check out your mail”

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