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strategies for a better conversational blog – 2020

strategies for a better conversational blog

3 awesome strategies for a better conversational blog

Ever since google launched its humming bird update, conversational blog writing has been every blogger’s top priority. In the update google simply initiated a movement for simple words. Whatever you write must be interactive to the user and google will keep track of that.

In this post you will read the 3 awesome strategies for a better conversational blog which are really important for every newbie.

Well that sounds easy

After all we have conversations with so many people every day. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds when it comes to typing all that out.

It’s natural for your mind to stop working when you’re up to write a conversational post. But why is that? Well, i’s because it just doesn’t seem natural to the brain to type out the way you talk. Fortunately, with just a few easy strategies applied on our blog you can easily type out blog posts that can initiate conversations better than real time. Get your customers hooked with a conversational blog by applying these simple strategies.


Choose the perfect keyword

I really don’t like to saying this but, keywords aren’t going away for a long time. Search engines like bing, yahoo and google need keywords to find certain content on the web. It’s just the way things work on the web. This is why proper keyword research should be your first strategy. That’s the base that will help you create content which the google spiders will find.

But you have to cleverly analyze those keywords in your content as you write the blog post. Of course you’ll have to enter the keyword in the content but make sure you don’t overload the content with keywords. If google detects an overloading of keywords it will blacklist your blog and you won’t appear on searches anymore. how to rank 1st on google


Write for a single person only

Stats show that an average blog gets 60 to 120 views daily. I know you might be thinking that you can get more visitors than just 60 people; getting just 60 people to visit your website can be a huge problem as well. This happens because every one of those 60 people has different mindsets, likes, dislikes and preferences. This is why it becomes impossible for you to satisfy each and every one of them.

 however, writing for a single person is very different. If you write for one person only it means that you’ll attract all the people that have a similar mindset to him and that’s what makes a good conversational blog


Make sure you’re aware of the reading level

In 2013, a survey was conducted according to which 73% of the people have the reading capability that is matched by a 5th grade student. That’s a sad yet true fact which makes it clear that not everyone who visits your blog is willing to read really hard-to-understand vocabulary.

For a better conversational blog, keep the writing style very simple. So that all your customers understand what you want to express.

The best blogs also take feedback from the visitors to make sure they are getting your point. So don’t forget to share your views on this post as well.


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