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4 Tips for Long-Lasting Success as a Real Estate Sales Agent

successful real estate sales

4 points of successful real estate sales

Even if you want to sell real estate, not everyone can easily sell it at the price you want.

When you don’t need your daily necessities, we try to have a second-hand goods purchaser buy them for you, but even then you may be assessed at a cheaper price than you think. It is difficult to sell your belongings that much.

However, there are cases where real estate sells at a better price than expected, or sells at an early stage depending on the selling method. Anyone who wants to sell real estate wants to sell high or want to sell quickly.

So what is that successful selling method?

1. Ask multiple real estate agents for assessment

The first step in selling your real estate is to know the assessed value of your real estate. This is because the sales price is decided based on the assessed amount, and whether to sell or not sell is decided.

It doesn’t always sell according to the assessed amount, but it affects how you move after that, so it is the first thing to send out for assessment.

It is important to note that when issuing this assessment, be sure to ask multiple real estate agents.


Since the real estate agent’s own judgment and prejudice will be included in the assessment, if it is only one real estate agent’s assessment, it may actually be more valuable, but it may be sold cheaply.

By asking multiple companies to appraise the appraisal price, you can also get an idea of the value, and you can compare the price to sell and which real estate agent to choose, so be sure to at least let’s submit an assessment request to about 3 companies.

2. Ask a reliable salesperson

When you make an assessment request, you can see the characteristics of each real estate agent and the goodness of the sales person.

Some real estate agents purposely request a high valuation amount when they request an valuation because they want to have an intermediary contract with their company.

Certainly, it is natural that you want to request a place where you have issued a high assessment amount, but let’s also carefully check the response of the sales person in charge who responded to the assessment request. .

It is no exaggeration to say that it is better to choose the sales person in charge rather than the assessed amount, and the good or bad of the sales person decides the success or failure of the real estate sale.


Make sure to check not only the response and good friendliness, but also the abundance of knowledge to make various suggestions and the frequentness to report, and then select the person in charge based on the feeling.

This is because we will continue to go out until the real estate is sold for a while, so if we don’t get the feelings we won’t be able to go well.

3. Know the market price by yourself

It is quite difficult to proceed with real estate sales without the real estate agent’s follow-up, but it is dangerous to leave everything to the real estate agent.

To some extent, by knowing the real estate market price, you can proceed with the real estate sale without relying on it.

Real estate agent’s advice is not always right.

In order to determine the sale time, you can look at the land price announcement issued by the country or prefecture, and see how much real estate in the neighborhood is on sale for sale at property search sites such as at home and homes and advertisements. Just by checking it, the market view will be cultivated considerably.


4. Don’t rush

Last but not least, it’s important not to be too impatient.

There are many cases in which i regretted because i wanted to sell quickly, but i sold it at a cheap price because i wanted to sell it quickly.

It is important to decide the period, and even if you are too lazy, you can not make progress, but if you are doing well, you will be approaching the success of real estate sale if you move forward with your heart.

Selling real estate can be a bit complicated, but if you keep these four points in mind, the success rate will increase dramatically. In order to sell real estate that does not make mistakes and does not regret, the first place i want to be careful.


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