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Get your own top level domain name at just $0.50

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Get your own top level domain name at just half dollar

Hai friends still using or any other low level domain name for your blogs? Its time to upgrade to your own .com,.net domains with just half a dollar. Yes, its true, you have heard it right. Now you can get your own top level domains at just $ 0.5

Many startup bloggers start with just or etc as it costs a minimum of $ 10.00 and it is not suggested to spend that much amount for a startup blog. Being an entrepreneur(blogger) one should definitely think and justify himself while spending such amount. The following are the advantages of having your 

own top level domain.

1. It gives a professional look to the blog.

Having your own .com,.net domain will give a professional look to your blog. Once you get a .com,.net,etc to your blog, the url highlights the main field or niche of your blog. It does not have any sub domain which makes your url long and tidious. Having a simple and straightforward url looks cool and attracts the visitors which improves the total traffic.

2. Advantages when sharing links in social networking sites.

Now a days facebook has become a major source for generating traffic. Many bloggers use facebook for generating traffic and when you share a link in facebook it shows .blogspot or which makes an impression that the blog is not well developed. If you have a top level domain it attracts the users and which gives you an added advantage.


3. Maintaining a brandname.

If you start your blog with low level domain and your blog gets a good amount of traffic then you would think of buying a high level domain. But by that time you may or maynot get the required name for your blog which forces you to change the the blog name. This is a major problem and by having a 

top level domain at the start of your blog avoids this problem.

So having a top level domain was a bit costly until network solutions have arrived. Now you can get your own top level domain at juat half a dollar. The comparisions of domain name costs by different domain name providers is given below.

19 2.jpg

Now what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and get your own top level domain.


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