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Watch youtube Videos In Offline Free

Watch youtube Videos In Offline

How To: Watch youtube Videos In Offline

Latest news is that top video sharing website Youtube launched an offline viewing service on thursday. The company also said that the feature to download youtube videos for viewing them in offline was also made available on android phones or tablets.

The main intention of this idea is to overcome the problems of low bandwidth and high costs of data plans

So How Does it Work ?? Here I will explain you how to watch youtube videos in offline


Steps To Download Youtube Videos And Watch Them In Offline…

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1)Update the Youtube application in your mobile.This can be done by going to playstore app on your phone.

2)Once you open the updated application you will get a notification that the offline viewing has been added in the app


3)Now open a video.You will see an extra option to   download them.(Check the screenshot above where download button is highlighted)

(Note that all videos are not offline videos)

4)Now download the video with resolution of either 360p or 720p.1080p is not available at present.You can also download the default resolution.Low resolution videos will save your internal storage

5)The Video gets downloaded only  when it is connected to  a wifi network.It is saved under offline Category.

6)When internet connection is available all categories are available in the youtube app.When there is no internet connection only offline category is available.Now you can watch the videos under offline category by clicking it.It doesn’t need any internet connection to play

7)So that’s it you can watch youtube videos in Offline

Watch youtube Videos In Offline


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