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Master Women Empowerment In Just A Few Hours!

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment, a Complete Essay

Women empowerment is one of the critical terms which are needed to understand. Women empowerment is the freedom to a woman for deciding about their lives and to make her an essential citizen of a country just like the man. Although everyone talks about the woman empowerment still there is no freedom to a woman to decide about their lives, especially in the developing countries. Women are not permitted to make their decisions and hence to make their life independent just as a man. Given all the discussion, we decided to provide an essay that makes you realized about the woman empowerment in India and more essential to make a woman able enough to work independently.

Woman an Essential Part of Society

A woman either is well educated, or less educated is important individual of a society because the most important thing is she is giving birth to a child and hence is a source of development of children in the community and a source of leading generation. A woman can influence production in the right direction and can make the society well organized if she is treated respectfully. A woman is strong enough to change the pain into power. A strong woman in the community is a way to strengthen society. So, it is the need to make a woman empowered enough for the betterment and progress of the organization and indirectly a country.

Need of Women Empowerment

 A woman can be a great leader, an ambitious politician, a passionate teacher, lawyer, actress, and even can work in every walk of life not just like a man but can work more than a man because a woman has more patience than a man. A woman can run the whole nation effectively and fabulously. All of these reasons are which urge why we are talking about women empowerment.

Women Empowerment a Central Issue Now Days

Woman empowerment is one of the main problems nowadays, and the item is rising in more than half of the countries of the world that is such an alarming situation. A woman has not been getting even their rights; all of the women are facing the crime issues, there are rape cases in one way due to little problems, or these are meeting the educational matters. The woman does not get their role in political, educational, medical, and other institutions according to their wishes. Most of the women are facing the fear of life, anxiety of health, fear of education, fear of safety, and above all, have a lack of power and decision making right. The most prominent example has been seen while a woman is getting married, and even there is no suggestion/ decision for such a biggest and the critical decisions of a lifetime. Moreover, the domestic issues have been seen to a high level facing the woman. Even while the birth of the baby girl, a woman is poorly treated. These are the main reasons for verifying the statement women empowerment a central issue nowadays.

Steps To Follow Up Woman Empowerment

Empowered women mean the freedom of the woman in every walk of life, that is, education, health, marriage, and trust issues. It is logically why there is a need for empowering a woman. Following is the bird’s eye view for how can we promote the woman empowerment collectively:

  1. Role of Government

One of the most notable characters in the case of woman empowerment is played by the government of any state/ country. Following are the critical roles that a Government must pay:

It is the responsibility of the government to establish and form the procedures that play an essential and efficient role in accelerating the woman empowerment and must fund the equal participation for man and woman in political, public, economic, educational, health, medical and decision making walks of life. The woman must have the right to perform its concerns and duties according to her wishes and needs just like a man do.

The government must know sure about the fulfillment and the needs of women using their education and development skills. There should be no kind of discrimination between the man and women that has been going in the country. The government must take the critical measurement in this regard.


The government must establish institutions that are promoting the woman empowerment in a country. It should make sure about the equal rights of the women and should be paid for work equally like a man. All of the gaps must be removed by taking these above steps.

  1. A Country Must Follow The World Summit For Social Development

To make progress by utilizing the abilities of the women, it is the basic need for the state to support the World Summit for Social Development, which is about the empowerment of the woman according to the rules and the regulations made by this act. According to this, the woman of a country must be participated in the educational, health, and political decisions for the progress of a nation and to handle the critical situations. A woman seems more likely to participate if she is treated freely and equally.

  1. Eliminate Violence

It is another basics responsibility of the government and the public as well to eliminate and eradicate the woman violence, which is the main hurdle for why women are still not getting their rights and life decisions, even such an advanced world. A father loves more to his son then a daughter, and similarly, a husband makes violence on his wife if she does not give birth to a baby boy. It is such an alarming situation and is need to eradicate to the optimum level.

  1. Role of Public

The public is the central part of the country and can do collectively even the hardest decision because of the strength and the union. So, people must give equal rights to a woman together. Every man must treat the woman in his home, office, on a bus, in the public place so that the women can take part in the progress of the country without any fear of violence on the body and mind as well. It is because a woman especially is she is a mother who can do the best and the topes work for the development of a country.


  1. Punish The Man Who Violence The Woman

By punishing a man who is the cause of the force on the woman is the method by which there is a possibility for accomplishing the woman empowerment task in every country. In this way, every man will follow the rules and will avoid violence against a woman.

  1. Promote Gender Equality

It is again the responsibility of the government and the public of the country to promote gender equality in every filed and every sphere of life. A woman must have sustainable resources as well just like a man; she should have the life decision right. A woman must be encouraged for every good work.

Final Views of Mine

Woman empowerment is the need of every country to make progress in every field of a nation. It is the weakness and is the main hurdle in the development of a country that a woman is not treated precisely in a way she must be addressed, she is innocent enough that does not even talk about the violence that she bears because of the fear of being notorious and the man even walk satisfactorily in the road also he is a liar. So, there is a need to promote women empowerment. It is one of the basics ways to eradicate poverty in a country to eliminate failure cases in different fields because ea woman can work better than a man. A country must be safe for the woman enough that she can easily take her life decisions without any fear. The empowering woman would have a tremendous and productive effect on the economy of a country, which is the topes reason that a state must empower a woman. 


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